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NES Fircroft recruit highly skilled professionals to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries. We can provide both permanent and contract candidates to the Life Science industry across Quality, Clinical, Regulatory/Compliance, and Engineering disciplines.

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We recruit for engineering, scientific and commercial jobs in the biotechnology, primary pharmaceutical, secondary pharmaceutical and fine chemicals sector, across the world.

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  • Contingent resourcing

    Provide best-in-class resources on an individual basis in response to our clients unforeseen or short term business challenges.

  • Retained search

    Deploy dedicated permanent teams who can be across functions and are structured based on the clients’ requirements for specific skill sets.


    Turn-key solution for critical projects. We provide the management and expertise for an entire business function while the client can still maintain
    control of the deliverables. The functional teams can be on-site, off-site or at a Redbock location.

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Experience in Life Science

NES Fircroft has over 20 years’ experience in the Life Science sector sourcing personnel for engineering, scientific and commercial roles across the market. Whether you are looking for staff in the biotechnology, primary pharmaceutical, secondary pharmaceutical or fine chemicals sectors, we can supply the best talent. We have dedicated NES Life Science recruitment hubs in Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, China, Australia and the UK and following our purchase of US Life Science specialists Redbock in 2018 we are proud to be one of the biggest Life Science staffing providers globally. This global footprint means you can benefit from our huge talent pool and access the best Life Science candidates wherever they are located in the world. 

Our specialist Life Science consultants are skilled in the provision of both contract and permanent staffing, including managed services solutions. Our search methodology is a detailed process during which time we develop an in-depth understanding of our clients' requirements and culture to effectively allow us to operate as an extension of their business: we deliver a flexible and tailored workforce solution for the Life Science sector.

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Disciplines We Cover

We cover a range of disciplines in the life science industries, including:

Sub-Sectors We Cover

Our consultants operate in specific sectors which means that they are experts in their fields and can truly speak the language of both our clients and candidates through staying close to their markets.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals are fundamental components of both modern and traditional medicine. Dating back hundreds of years, this field of study has come a long way from botanicals used to create the first synthetic drugs in the 1800s, to the industry we understand today which is responsible for so many life-changing products such as painkillers and antiseptics.

    Throughout history, the pharmaceutical industry, driven by innovation, has seen enormous advancements and this is set to continue. Recent technological improvements promise a positive future for pharmaceuticals as computing and biotechnology developments allow for the production of new and innovative drugs. The industry is also experiencing new waves of automation in the discovery process. High-throughput screening and the computerisation of genomics is allowing for a much higher rate of breakthroughs than previously experienced, paving the way for a bright future.

  • Biotechnology

    The field has come a long way from rudimentary forms of biotechnology of the past that gave us cheeses, bread and the untargeted research and development process that gave us antibiotics.  In the last 40 years alone, we’ve seen major breakthroughs in genetics, enzyme-based production processes and bacteria harnessing and this is set to continue. As key breakthroughs are realised, scientists can combat more debilitating and rare diseases, tackle hunger, reduce our environmental footprint and ensure the safety and efficiency of our industrial manufacturing processes. In short, biomedical technology research is saving and improving lives. 

  • Medical Devices

    Driven by innovation and technology, the medical device industry is one of the leading life science sector globally. Since the development of plastics in the 1930s, medical devices have advanced exponentially as the availability of new and pioneering materials, such as polymers, enabled wider access to good quality sterile products at lower prices. This unprecedented growth, especially in the last decade, allowed the industry to overcome downturns and provides stable foundations for future growth.

    Nowadays, medical devices make an essential contribution to healthcare, providing huge benefits and improving the quality of life for many. From dentures to x-ray scanners or hip joints to the humble sticking plaster, this industry has become fundamental to diagnosing, monitoring, preventing and treating illness. 

  • Fine Chemicals & API MANUFACTURING

    Fine chemicals are the building blocks for proprietary products, making them the starting point for many other industries such as pharmaceuticals. Because of this, fine chemicals have become an important and fundamental part of the life science industry.

    The term ‘Fine Chemicals’ has been in use as early as 1908, but the industry as we know it today didn’t emerge until the 1970s, when the success of the histamine H2 kick-started the demand for advanced organic chemicals to be used in manufacturing processes, with dedicated plants opening to support development. Initially, these plants were single purpose, but, over the last 40 years, as the fine chemical industry has grown in complexity and potency resulting in the need for multi-purpose facilities - especially with the advent of biopharmaceuticals. This created a major impact on the demand for fine chemicals – and this is set to continue. 

Case Studies

  • Our Client’s Challenge

    Our client, an international biotechnology company, was developing a new flu vaccine. Working to extremely tight deadlines, they required at least 50 contractors with a wide range of skillsets within five months. Due to the confidentiality of the project, we were required to conduct full screening and security clearances for every contractor.

    Our Solution

    Our discipline specific consultant met with the hiring manager on site to fully understand our client’s requirements and put together a delivery plan.

    The Outcome

    Our biotechnology team sourced and placed 52 contractors, ranging from electrical, mechanical and instrumentation technicians to project managers and process engineers, conducting all the necessary background and security checks within the five month timeframe.

  • Our Client’s Challenge

    Our client, an international pharmaceuticals company, wanted to produce a new prescription medicine designed to combat high blood pressure by blocking angiotensin receptors. The company required a team of engineers to manage the primary phase of drug manufacture and needed the help of a staffing provider who could understand their challenge and put together a project team within an ambitious timeframe.

    Our Solution

    Our team of discipline specific consultants took time to understand the client’s need and put together a specialist contract staff hiring plan. This included costing out the recruitment process to ensure appropriate planning and pre-emptive budgeting for the client.

    The Outcome

    We hired a team of process, commissioning and qualification engineers on behalf of our client within the specified two month timescale, enabling our client to complete the primary pharmaceuticals phase on time and on budget.

  • Our Client's Challenge

    Our client, an engineering consultancy, had recently implemented a number of new manufacturing lines and was required to validate them. However, the company did not have the necessary internal expertise so needed the support of a manpower provider with a good understanding of the process to ensure they were hiring the necessary professionals.

    Our Solution

    With experience of hiring validation engineers on pharmaceutical projects around the world, we implemented a project direct hire solution to find our client the talent they required.

    The Outcome

    We sourced and placed 20 validation engineers within three months, ensuring the project remained on schedule.

What Our People Say

Sandy Yan

Sandy Yan

Recruitment Manager - Shanghai

We have increased our footprint in locations such as China and South Korea to ensure we can effectively meet the demand for our Life Science services. If you are looking for a new opportunity in Asia or have a staffing requirement get in touch with your local NES expert.

David Hnatek

David Hnatek

Founder/CEO - Redbock

We see tremendous growth opportunities in the life science space and we have the unique opportunity to positively impact lives as a result.  Starting with our internal staff, extending to our clients and consultants, and ending with the general population, our work has an impact on the well-being of human lives.

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Our Life Science team is populated with highly experienced consultants, backed by a network of 60+ NES Fircroft offices situated across 33 countries.​

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